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At a first glance, using biomass fuels instead of fossil fuels looks like a panacea and an easy win. Yet the reality is far more nuanced; depending on how they are grown, processed and managed, biomass fuels can either provide a sustainable solution for energy generation, or do the complete opposite.

Generation Zero.iso

The dual contouring algorithm was first published in the 2002 SIGGRAPH proceedings by Ju and Losasso,[3] developed as an extension to both surface nets and marching cubes. It retains a dual vertex within the voxel but no longer at the center. Dual contouring leverages the position and normal of where the surface crosses the edges of a voxel to interpolate the position of the dual vertex within the voxel. This has the benefit of retaining sharp or smooth surfaces where surface nets often look blocky or incorrectly beveled.[4] Dual contouring often uses surface generation that leverages octrees as an optimization to adapt the number of triangles in output to the complexity of the surface.

Regional emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and carbon dioxide (CO2) declined in 2017 compared to the previous year, according to data compiled for the 2017 ISO New England Electric Generator Air Emissions Report. The lower emissions were due largely to a decline in electricity generation by power plants that use fossil fuels. The year-over-year declines continued long-term reductions in the emissions produced by New England power plants.

Since about 2005, annual regional demand for wholesale electricity has been declining, and with it, so has electricity generation. The 2008 economic recession and slow recovery have dampened electricity consumption, but several other, long-term factors have also been at work reducing the amount of power consumers pull from the New England grid:

The amount of new power generation and energy storage in the transmission interconnection queues across the U.S. continues to rise dramatically, with over 1,400 gigawatts (GW) of total generation and storage capacity now seeking connection to the grid, according to new research by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab). The queues indicate particularly strong interest in solar, battery storage, and wind energy, which account for 93% of all proposed capacity. Altogether, this potential investment of over $2 trillion represents more capacity than the current U.S. power fleet.

This way, it is possible to model even highly complex automotive systems with a high degree of detail at an acceptable calculation speed to simulate behavior close to reality. While the vehicle/environment model is gradually replaced during the course of development by the real system and its real environment, the functional model can serve as a blueprint for the implementation of embedded software on the control unit through code generation. [3]

The second edition of ISO 26262, published December 2018, notes that Simulink and Stateflow are suitable for Software Architecture and Software Unit Design Notation and as a basis for automatic code generation (Figure 8).

- Keen eye! Spotted >10 major HAZMAT discrepancies; 100% EPA/QA pass rate--over $700K in EPA fines prevented- Keen eye--detected bird strike damage on nose radome--replaced radome--HHQ deployment met without delay - Keen eye--discovered multiple bird strikes--coor'd structural repair--cornerstone to assigned acft's 94 sorties - Keen eye; ID'd nose wheel steering unit cannon plug broken just prior to taxi--avoided definite CAT I mishap - Keen eye; ID'd station 2 weapon rack cannon plug detached just prior to taxi--avoided certain CAT I mishap - Keen eye; identified unsecured engine oil cap during launch proceedure--averted sortie loss/engine catastrophe - Keen eye; located missing MLG wheel assembly keyway/averted impoundment process--saved >28 man hours - Keen eye; recognized unsafe aircraft jack during service inspection--actions averted personnel/aircraft hazard - Keen inspector; ID'd cracked MLG uplock switch/coordinated repairs--adverted catastrophic gear malfunction - Key ADCC on sqd's trainer acft; launched 139 sorties/649 flt hrs--attributed to wg's 82.5% MC rate promote - Key contributor winning Grover Loening Trophy! 20 Bus Efforts, 16 Coronets, PACAF support, Global Thunder - Key member during wartime efforts--driving force behind 55th Wing receiving the AF Meritorious Unit Award - Key OIF/OEF asset; sustained six acft for GWOT msns--attributed to 24.4K flt hrs/98% msn effectiveness rate - Key ORI member essential to flight contribution of sortie generation--efforts vital to 4 FW "Excellent" rating - Key player during 2012 LCAP visit; rcvd two quality verification insps--contributed to sq "Outstanding" rating- Key player in CORE; helped installation of 18 a/c chutes/canisters--garnered 1st CORI pass from ACC/IG - Key player; deployed in support of Operations IRAQI/ENDURING FREEDOM--8K successful combat sorties - Key to '11 AFGSC LCAP success; id'd two lbs FO during F/L FOD walk--cemented 2 MXS "Excellent" rating - Key to 4-month average 97% in-commission rate; directly contributed to 8,000 aircraft combat sorties flown - Key to AGE ready line reorganization during AEF deployment; increased equipment storage capability by 40% - Key to success of ORI reliability checks; 167 sorties flown; direct impact on wing's overall "Excellent" rating - Knowledgeable mechanic; replaced hydraulic test stand diesel engine--no defects noted during final inspection - Knowledgeable technician; executed superb performance in support of OEF/OIF--streamlined daily efficiency - Knowledgeable/reliable; was hand picked to work at the BITC due to low manning--ensured base msn success

- Nailed ORE prep--findings as EET mbr primed Wg to "Outstanding" ratings for ORE 07-04 acft generation/mx - Nailed two main gear strut repacks--acft msn ready in 24 hrs--essential to WG's '06 Meritorious Unit Award - Natural leader in support of OEF/OIF; supervised/mentored 25 Airmen while assigned security escort NCOIC - Night shift lead; oversaw mx/generated 303 combat sorties--6K flt hrs/30K images/2.3K airstrikes/10 TICs/22 pri tgts - NORE pin/streamer team member; key to successful '12 AFGSC Ex CONSTANT VIGILANCE--SrA BTZ now - Noticed hydraulic leak during panel inspection; coordinated hydraulic line repair--restored B-52H sys integrity - Notified of DPI filter button popped on #4 eng manifold during insp; replaced filter/assisted w/eng run; mission ready

This build-out will also necessitate significant transmission additions to connect out-of-state energy, as well as other generation pockets, CAISO noted in the draft outlook. The system operator has a 10-year transmission planning process; however, given that transmission requires long lead times thanks to permitting processes and right-of-way acquisitions, it concluded that a longer-term blueprint is essential.

The result was a scenario that called for 37 GW of battery storage, 4 GW of long-duration storage, around 53 GW of utility-scale solar, 24 GW of wind generation, and more than 2 GW of geothermal energy. The system operator then mapped resources to the regions they are required in, thereby identifying areas that need additional transmission build-out. 041b061a72


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