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Mahmood Kapustin
Mahmood Kapustin

Calloway - You Are My Everything

Now, I ain't callin' this life perfect, But I am thanking my maker above, Because for everythingThat you don't like,There's a million little things that you love, oooh.

Calloway - You Are My Everything


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But, everything is not for everyone in the civilian life. So, you need to know exactly what you want to do; that way I can possibly help you get to what you desire. You are mission driven. You are results-driven. You are eager to train, take on other duties as assigned and you seek advancement to help this employer look attractive to other potential employees. Now that's a professional. You have to show me you can do what you do best, not just tell me you have knowledge of something. A "professional" is what the civilian employer is looking to hire. Someone that knows what the employer needs are and how you can solve them. So, you are a military professional leaving this employer that will be that best professional we will hire. 041b061a72


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